8 hours of fishing or your limit, whichever comes first. Limit is 10 fish per person-guide not included.  

   ...... FAQ Page
Q: What to Bring?
A: All aboard 16 and over must have either a valid Georgia or South Carolina fishing license. These are relatively inexpensive residents in Georgia pay $9.00 (SC $10) annual. On Day GA/SC $3.50 amd SC 7 Day $7.00. Click on folling links to pay online or by phone: Georgia South Carolina
Licenses can be obtained from any state wildlife office, sporting good stores, bait and tackle stores, even Wal-Mart. Bring a cooler with ice, drinks and food for you and your guest. You can drink but for safety reasons drink responsibly we are on a moving and unstable platform. We will clean and bag fish for you.

No telling how many times We have run out of sunscreen, rain gear, pullovers, bug spray etc. And it is always good to hit the can before you leave and at the boat ramp. This is especially true when fishing mixed sexes.

Q: What if we do not catch fish?
A: No Fish Guarantee--To offer say "No Fish No Pay" is really no offer, because in a eight hour guide odds are you would pay. Depending on size and number of fish caught we may work out a reduced rate for your next trip.(this does not include December through February). Most parties average between 15 and 40 fish March through October. December through February is you best chance for a 20lb plus striper but the catches are less usually between 5 and 20 fish. Also sometime in mid February, based on water temperature, the mature fish spawn making the average size fish caught larger. My goal is for you to have a great experience and be a repeat customer--nothing less.

Q: What if the weather looks bad?
A: Show up!! The weather may not be the same on the lake. Call us by you can count on us being there if we do not call you. You do not pay if you do not go. Many times We have had parties out and got pushed off the lake because of bad weather and we waited and limited out.

Q: Where do we meet you.
A: We fish the whole lake so we will put in near where we will fish. We will set the place to meet close to the date of your trip. Most ramps have: cleaning station - picnic & mini shelters - drinking water & restrooms - day use fee is $4 or $5 per car.

Q: I want to know more about Stripers & Hybrids on your lake.
A: Striped and hybrid bass fishing continues to be good. Stockings of these fish, averaging over 700,000 per year, are producing annual catches of 90,000-150,000 fish. Average weights should range from 3 lbs for hybrids to 7 lbs for stripers. The low lake level is forcing baitfish out of cover, and into the mouths of hungry striped and hybrid bass. These fish will be like footballs in 2001! Several monster stripers exceeding 20 lbs and hybrids exceeding 10 lbs should be caught. Winter and early spring angling areas include Big Creek, the Little River near Germany Creek upstream to Holiday Park, Soap Creek from the confluence with the Savannah River to US Hwy 378, the north bank of the reservoir above the dam, and major creeks near Bussey Point. Drifting live blueback herring usually provides the best results. A light-to-moderate breeze makes for good drift fishing. Otherwise, use your trolling motor to control speed and direction. Other techniques that work well are slowly trolling redfins, Norman lures or roostertails 60-80 feet behind the boat, and jigging spoons near drop-offs, ledges or humps in 20-30 feet of water.

By summer and into the fall the hot spots for linesides will be in the mouths of major feeder creeks and rivers, particularly in the Russell tailwaters. Anglers can fish from the pier on the Georgia side below Russell Dam or anchor a boat in the tailwaters near the buoy line and fish towards the dam. Three rock berms on the Georgia side below the buoy line have been constructed and are providing excellent fishing for both boat and bank anglers. Again, live blueback herring is the best bait. You can catch your own herring with a cast net or buy them at local bait shops. Dead or cut bluebacks, shad, and large minnows also work. Popular artificial lures include doll flies, sinking spoons, and floating "stick-baits". Surface action for schooling fish occurs predominately during late summer and fall. Bucktails and poppers work well on schooling fish but we tend to fish down rods at the thermocline and catch bigger fish.

Q: Thoughts on booking your trip.
A: *Book as far in advance as you can.
*Have three dates in mind if you can.
*If you can book during the week days.

Q: Summer Fishing!
A: While there is some schooling action most fish will be caught between 25 and 45 feet in the summer. For the most part the fish will be just off the main channel and move into the channels at day break and just before sundown. Even when fishing in the main channel, usually over tree-tops, the fish run between 25 and 45 feet. The herring will not live long so you have to be on fish or you are just killing bait. Night fishing is best until the temperature gets out of the 70ís at night. While many complain about fishing for stripers and hybrids in the summer this is the best and busiest season for me.

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