8 hours of fishing or your limit, whichever comes first. Limit is 10 fish per person-guide not included.  

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Crappies ( /ˈkrpi�/ or /ˈkrɒpi�/)[1][2] are a genus, Pomoxis, of freshwater fish in the sunfish family Centrarchidae. There are two species, the type species Pomoxis anularis, the white crappie, and the black crappie, P. nigromaculatus. Both species are popular game fish.

The genus name Pomoxis derives from the Greek π�μα (cover, plug, operculum) and οξ�ς (sharp). The common name (also spelled croppie or crapp), derives from the Canadian French crapet, which refers to many different fishes of the sunfish family. Other names for crappie are papermouths, strawberry bass, speckled bass or specks (especially in Michigan), speckled perch, calico bass (throughout New England),[3] sac-au-lait (in southern Louisiana, lit "bag of milk")[4] and Oswego bass.[citation needed]
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