8 hours of fishing or your limit, whichever comes first. Limit is 10 fish per person-guide not included.  

Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake & Lake Murray
Complete listing of bait & tackle stores on Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake and Lake Murray. Boat Ramps. Live Herring.

Allen's Country Store
PHONE: 706-860-1493
EMAIL: inderpaldhillon@aol.com
WEBSITE: http://acestriperguide.com/AllenssCountryStore.html
It Pays To Shop At
Allen's Country Store

One Stop Shoping

Save Time And Money

Clarks Hill Herring Hut
PHONE: 864-333-2000
WEBSITE: http://www.acestriperguide.com/ClarksHillHerringHut.html
We specialize in live Blueback Herring and offer everything the live bait fisherman needs. Clarks Hill Herring Hut carries most types of worms, minnows from small to jumbo, crickets, all the tackle you need.Call, email or drop by to get the most up-to-date fishing report on catching; striper/hybrids, bream, crappie, catfish and white perch on the lake and river.
Cliatt Crossing
3850 Augusta Hwy
Lincolnton, GA 30817

PHONE: 706-359-5530
EMAIL: jmrjmr@nu-z.net
Products Available: Gas, Diesel, Propane, Beer, Lotto, Bait and Tackle
Locally Owned and Operated!
5 Miles past Iron Bridge into Lincoln Co. on right at intersection of 47 & 220

Bait & Takle
Mac's Bait & Tackle
2857 Amity Woodlawn Rd
Lincolnton, GA
(706) 359-2155

Ed's Bait & Tackle
2583 Mccormick Hwy
Lincolnton, GA
(706) 359-3455

LW's Bait & Tackle Shop
2058 Ashmore Barden Rd
Lincolnton, GA
(706) 359-7979

Ridge Road Bait & Tackle Shop
6539 Washington Rd
Appling, GA
(706) 541-9424

Raysville Bait & Tackle
5240 Lincolnton Rd
Thomson, GA
(706) 595-6637

Russell's Live Bait
5083 Washington Rd
Thomson, GA
(706) 595-2293

Pollard's Corner
6007 Clarks Hill Rd, Appling, GA
(706) 541-0265
Bait & Tackle
Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake:
Ace Boat Rental
Albert's- Near Ridge Rd.: 706-541-0025
Allen's Country Store- Washington Rd. Evans GA
Broadway Bait & Tackle- Augusta
Clarks Hill Herring Hut- Near Clarks Hill/Thurmond Dam
Cliatt Crossing- Lincolnton: 706-359-5530
Huto's- Hyw. 28: 864-333-5552
Mac's Bait & Tackle: Near Raysville Bridge Marina (Amity): 706-359-2155
88 Mart Clarks Hill- 864-333-5555
Pair of Jacks- 706-541-0042: Near Little River Bridge
Little River Marina And Family Resort- Near Little River Bridge
Ridge Road Bait & Tackle- Near Little River Bridge: 706-541-9424
Rivers Glen- Augusta
Sportsman's Link- Augusta: 706-210-SAVE
Spud's- Hyw 378: 706-359-2986
Lake Murray:
Better Bait and Tackle: 803-957-7805
Dooleys Sports Shop: 803-359-6084
Lake World: 803-957-6548

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